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We managed to get a little record shopping in at Nuggets before the gig, scoring some ELO (Ladytron’s favorite band) and some Happy Mondays.

The place where Ted's record collecting began.

Boston was a really fun gig. The crowd was definitely up for a good time.
The Crowd
The House of Blues is across the street from Fenway Park, and it was game day so it was a little hard to get to the venue with the van. There is a cool bar under the bleachers where you can watch the game through a window without a ticket. Ted though is not a fan of Boston sports teams and wanted nothing to do with it.


The Crocodile boys had an even worse time than we did and barely made it on time for their set. It was the first night with them, they seem like great guys, and their music is very cool with a Jesus & Mary Chain vibe.

Our old friend Knowlton Walsh set up an after party at a sushi restaurant/club where we shared some sushi with Mira and Ruben from Ladytron. After the party we drove back home to NYC for a day of rest before the big weekend.

This Man is Dangerous!!!


Oh Canada!

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Had to spend some time in Detroit hanging with the Final Four fans while we waited for paperwork to enter Canada. The Rock City was bleak but pretty cool people there.

Finally made it across the border after a few problems with immigration, and long spell in the holding room. We were thinking that we were about to be sent packing back to the USA, but eventually we were sent back out to our car. Then we were a little worried that the agent standing by our car was preparing to pull it to pieces, but he just waived us on. They had their hands full pulling “contraband” lighting fixtures from a lady’s car.

The first sight in Canada was strange, a large M from McDonalds that greets you as you cross the border-they are fucking everywhere! The road to Toronto was boring to say the least lots of fields and hardly a single bend in the road to add any excitement.

Toronto itself is wicked, beautiful women lurk in every direction and the Indian food that we ate could probably only be beat by Parag’s Mum. Just got some Canadian money with a lovely picture of the Queen on it. I have to say that this town with its Queen money, wet weather and funny accents is very reminiscing of jolly old London!

We had our first night on the stage last night. I must say that both The Faint and Ladytron have been very accommodating to us. The band and crew are doing everything they can to make sure we have a great time, and we have to thank them for that. The show went really well, we met Craig fro ATG concerts and his wonderful girl. We’ll hopefully meet up with them when they are in NYC at the weekend.

The after party at The Social totally rocked. We managed to keep the crowd jumping till the wee hours (even with one dodgy CDJ.) MSTRKRFT were in attendance checking out our set along with a slew of girls who were dancing in the booth.

We are driving to Montreal as I type and there is a lot of snow on the ground and it is absolutely freezing. Need to dig up the old French phrase book.

Spring My Ass

Montreal is a beautiful city. It almost felt like we were in Europe when we sat in a bar and drank crisp, clean Heineken draughts in 0.5l glasses. The bartender at the place had the hardest working bra in town, she couldn’t have been taller than 5’2 but with HUGE boobies!

The Telus Theater was very new and shiny. The band dressing room was actually a nightclub. The staff there was very nice, and the place had killer sound. Although Martin and Dutch, the soundmen for Ladytron and Faint were worried because they had to use the house Soundcraft mixer instead of their Midas rig. This thing looked like it could control the Enterprise all touch screens and lights. Very futuristic!
Invaders Must Die!

The immigration guy coming back into the US was a lot nicer than his Canadian counterpart, he even shared a joke with us.

Sweet Home Chicago

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Wow! What a weekend in the windy city. Friday nights show was a sell out and a real banger. When we were done we headed to Smartbar for an after party to DJ with Ladytron, Faint and the Dark Wave Disco. I can’t really tell you much about what happened except that the crowd was going mental and people kept handing me drinks. The early call for Saturdays all ages show seemed especially rough. The looks on everbodies faces at sound check told me that I wasn’t the only one suffering from “drinkers elbow.” Somehow everyone pulled it together to put on an excellent show. We had the privlage of being joined for the evening by Miguel and Greg from DWD. We’ll have to do more shows with them as it was pure harmony. Sad news came when Telepathe had to drop off the tour. But great news came from Patrick Chung who hand delivered our awesome fuckin T-shirts. We will have them avaiable at the shows.



millwaukee and minneapolis

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Just finished up the first two dates. Been making friends along the way. Heading to Chicago for two nights at The Metro!

FIGO DJ Tour w/ Ladytron and The Faint

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Hey Everybody! The North American FIGO DJ tour with Ladytron and The Faint kicks off April 1 at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster:

The FIGO dj set will be between the Ladytron and Faint live sets. We will be keeping a tour blog with tales of misadventure from the middle of nowhere as we trek around the U.S. and Canada. There will also be some live dates at the official afterparties in certain cities. These shows are TBD, so stay tuned!! Come out and join the party when we pass through your town. Tell your friends! It’s fuckin’ on! Last bit… We just wrapped up the sessions for a new E.P. featuring the track “We Will Kill You”. The record will be mixed and mastered after tour and previewed on myspace. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and leave us your comments, etc. Things are moving fast! Shoot Speed/Kill Light Cheers, FIGO

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!